About Integrity Pickleball

Integrity Pickleball is a business focused on promoting the values of competition, fairness, and integrity in the sport of pickleball. We believe in creating a community where players can compete with respect and honesty. Join us and discover the joy of playing pickleball with integrity.

Our principles

We promote healthy competition and strive for excellence in every game.




We believe in fair play and ensure that every player is treated with respect and equality.

We uphold the highest standards of integrity, both on and off the court.

Jonny, Emma, and Ellie

Who is Integrity?

Tournament Organizer for Team Events

Meet Jonny "Storm" Bradford, a man of many passions and roles. First and foremost, he cherishes his roles as a dedicated Dad and loving Husband, finding joy and inspiration in his family every day.

With over seven years of experience under his belt, Jonny has become a true pickleball fanatic, and his dedication has paid off. He proudly boasts a remarkable 5.0+ rating, solidifying his place as one of the finest pickleball players in Illinois.

Jonny's achievements in the sport are nothing short of extraordinary. As a 2021 National Champion, he has proven his skill and determination at the highest level of competition. Not content with just personal success, Jonny has taken on the mantle of a pickleball coach and tournament organizer, sharing his expertise and passion with others in the pickleball community.

Within the competitive pickleball circles, Jonny's reputation is stellar. His consistent top 10 ranking in Illinois and top 25 in the Midwest speak volumes about his tenacity and skill on the court. Yet, beyond the rankings and accolades, Jonny remains grounded and humble, always eager to share his knowledge and uplift his fellow players.

Drawing from his professional background in education, Jonny brings a unique approach to his coaching style. With a focus on positivity and hope, he instills a sense of determination and belief in his pickleball students, empowering them to reach new heights in the sport they love.

Whether he's playing for a championship or coaching future champions, Jonny's unwavering spirit and infectious enthusiasm continue to make a lasting impact in the world of pickleball.

Tournament Organizer for Scrambles